Garner Memorability

Sometimes people are busy with their work, making it difficult to grab their attention. This can explain why over 30% of the Europeans use ad blocks. The truth is, no one wants distractions during their productive times.
Thankfully, popcorn boxes can reach customers when their attentiveness is at a peak. It's popcorn time; all the attention is on the chic popcorn box and the ongoing talk. Hence, your branding icons garner the deserved attention, which helps recall levels.


Guaranteed Visibility

Having your brand on popcorn boxes is a foolproof tip to boost recognition. You can be 100% sure people will use your branded popcorn boxes and flaunt them around for other people to see.
Also, the ubiquitousness of popcorn helps your visibility. For sure, you can count on product boxes to take your brand to parties, conferences, and offices. More so, every household partakes in the popcorn craze. Thus, you can expect your brand to infiltrate everywhere.


Reach an Active Audience

The next reason to use branded popcorn boxes is because of their timeliness. People consume popcorn when they are highly spirited. Plus, popcorn, like any other food, generates conversations, and pumps up the audience. In branding, positive moods are beneficial for interaction and engagement.

Captivate the audience

Only a proper brand identity design can achieve that

People Love Popcorn

There's no doubt you want to promote your brand on what people love. Also, meeting trends is the freshest way to build brands. The beautiful thing is that you can never go wrong with popcorn boxes.
People love popcorn. And that justifies using branded popcorn boxes. Plus, people are increasingly adopting this healthy snack into their diets. A Mintel 2016 study showed that UK popcorn sales had soared by 169% within five years. Besides, 49% of the Britons were looking forward to exploring new popcorn flavours.


Useful for Expanding or Broadening Your Reach

When you want to grow your business, proven promotional tools come into the equation. Most of them can cost you thousands of pounds. Yet, popcorn boxes provide an affordable marketing platform to grow your brand. Their global appeal and usefulness make them a must-have in branding.


Custom Popcorn Boxes are Available

Sure, you desire a branding tool that you can tune to your tastes and needs. Don't look further. Branded popcorn boxes are customisable based on your branding needs and audience.
You can choose your ideal colours and designs to bring out your brand's identity. Which finishing do you want? Matte?Gloss?Matte UV?Spot UV? Gloss UV? Gloss AQ? Foiling?
In short, you've endless options to select for your brand.


Using Branded Popcorn Boxes in Your Business

Don't waste your efforts perusing around for branding tools. As seen, branded popcorn boxes have the swag to uplift your brand while saving your money. You'll reach an esteemed audience of popcorn lovers and gain your desired influence. Reach out for your order or more information about branded popcorn boxes.