What to look for in Popcorn Boxes?

Which popcorn boxes to use for your brand isn’t a question with a straightforward answer. No matter your budget, there are too many popcorn box sellers claiming to have the best popcorn boxes. More to the subject, whether a popcorn box is the best depends on your needs and standards.So, when you want popcorn boxes for your business or brand, it would be best to focus on the characteristics. That's a list of features that can lead you to the right ones. Sometimes, your budget may limit you, but it’s always good to have a clue of what entails an excellent popcorn box. Here’s a criterion to consider before contracting a popcorn boxes vendor.

Quality of the Popcorn Boxes

Nothing matters much more than the quality of your popcorn boxes. Quality puts your reputation and customers’ satisfaction at stake. Get it wrong here, and everything can be messy for your brand.You can lose customers because of a weak experience offered. Sometimes, some popcorn boxes may tear out before usage. And if you’re not doing anything to change your processes, your image can get soiled within a brief time.So, the first thing you need to figure out is, what are quality popcorn boxes? But don’t strain yourself, here is the answer. Quality popcorn boxes are made of a 30 GSM paper which is stiff, flexible, durable and light.That way, the popcorn bag can sustain printing designs and remain intact for many months. It can also enable your customers to enjoy popcorn for prolonged times. And you can count on the popcorn boxes to show your brand to the customers till they finish their popcorn.



You may have also heard of the profound value of being eco-friendly. Indeed, eco-friendliness matters, and it can give your brand a powerful impact. It can polish your image and mark your brand as a responsible one. You’ll also do less harm to the environment, which can be highly fulfilling.Hence, to protect your brand, it would be best to use sustainable popcorn boxes. Make sure your seller sources paper boards from FSC and PEFC certified forests and mills. The two organisations promote responsible harvesting of forests and continual tree planting for sustainability.It would also help to choose biodegradable and recyclable popcorn boxes. To land this feature, ask for a manufacturer who uses PLA films for the boxes’ insulation. Unlike plastic coatings, PLA is sustainable and consumes less energy. It’s also more comfortable recycling or composting it. This helps to cut your costs and reduce the trash streaming into the landfills.Beware, that sustainability starts and ends with you. Your efforts to use green popcorn boxes must bear positive results. To ensure this happens, you must educate your customers on disposing of recyclables.


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